Adoption Parenting Coaching

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If you have made the decision to pursue adoption, finding an experienced coach to guide you is an essential part of the process. Adoption can be overwhelming as you speak with different representatives and begin to process all the paperwork and deadlines up ahead. Clearing hurdles in the pre-adoption process is only the beginning, as you begin parenting after you successfully adopt. With the help of an adoption parenting coach, you can make quicker progress as you prepare thoroughly for each decision. Learn more about the ways we can help with your adoption process below or contact Dr. Ash to schedule a consultation today!

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Adoption Services

Pre-Adoption Psychological Evaluations: As a clinical, licensed psychologist, Dr. Ash can help fulfill any required psychological evaluations or home study reports that agencies may require for adoptive parents.

Adoptive Parent Coaching: Dr. Ash offers preparation by discussing a number of topics that need to be considered for adoptive parents for children who are of different ages and backgrounds. 

Open Adoption Coaching: If you are interested in open adoptions, Dr. Ash can help with discussions about the level of contact between your family and the biological family.

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If you have made the decision to become an adoptive parent and need assistance with any adoption coaching services, speak with Dr. Ash today. Through our coaching sessions, you'll be prepared to make the decisions you need to successfully become an adoptive parent.

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