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Calm Parenting

Parenting is probably the most challenging job anyone faces with no training or education given beforehand.  Working with Dr. Ash and Ash Psychological Services, you can begin to understand your emotions, which is key to being a calm parent.

Contact Dr. Ash for a calm parenting consultation.  A parenting consultation (usually 1-5 sessions of 50 minutes each) can provide you with practical parenting strategies to help improve your ability to deal with:

Coping with Infertility

How do you cope with infertility?  What do you do if you or your partner is infertile, whether from illness, age or other factors?  How do you deal with feelings of loss, anger, jealousy, denial or shame?

When faced with difficulty conceiving or pregnancy loss, the stress of not being able to have what seems to come so easily to others can be debilitating.  While stress does not cause infertility, infertility is very stressful.  Stress reduction techniques and psychotherapy can help you (and your partner) regain balance in your life.


Adoption issues include discipline problems, attachment or bonding issues, how to talk about adoption, grief over losing former caregivers, eating issues and even a child reacting with words such as, "You're not my real parents!"  For parent(s) who have adopted, either domestically, internationally, or through the foster care system, it can be difficult to know when parenting challenges are due to adoption issues or to typical developmental issues.  In psychotherapy, we can explore what is going on for both you and your child(ren) in order to develop an action plan to improve family functioning.

How We Work

Ash Psychological Services can counsel and meet with clients both in person and via phone or e-mail.

In person, we provide personal, discreet meetings in a comfortable atmosphere, located in our Long Island, NY offices.

We also are experienced in over-the-phone interviews, providing parental counseling services nationwide.

Contact us to set up an appointment, whether you are looking for parental counseling and therapy in Huntington, Syosset, or any other location in the Long Island, NY, area, or call to set up a phone consultation.

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